ABOUT ME & everyONEsworld.org

Hello, my name is Yene Assegid.

My work is all about Transformation to be the best version of ourselves, whether we are talking about an individual, a community or an organisation. It’s about knowing how human systems function and knowing where the leverage points are to inspire meaning change.

How do I work on Transformation?   I do that through Individual Coaching and Training.  The foundation of everything I do comes from a deep spiritual approach and feminist principles. 

…about everyONEsworld.org 

The story of everyONEsworld goes back to the late nineties at the time I used to work at the grassroots level with underprivileged communities in Addis Ababa.  I was not very happy about the way programs were run. So, I created a space to do thing the way I thought would best serve the communities. I wanted an organisation where beneficiaries are actual members and part of the organisation. I wanted a place where we don’t preach about health and poverty but where we actually economically and socially empower people. This is how everyONEsworld was first established in 2003 in Addis with close to 2000 men and women as members. We worked for a decade providing leadership development and economic empowerment programs.  Finally, everyONEsworld in Ethiopia closed its doors in 2013.

The following year, 2014, it was established in Brussels. Same concept, same ideas and principles, but this time, the organisation aims to work with civil society leaders and empower them in their work at the grassroots.



Our Vision is everyone is living their best

Our Mission is empowering women leaders 

Our Goal is ensure that civil society leaders in Africa have access to transformational leadership development opportunities

There are three main objectives we pursue to manifest this vision we hold:

Genereal Objectives:

  1. Provide Transformational Leadership Training for women led organisations
  2. Provide transformational leadership coaching and coach training
  3. Research and publish transformational leadership related topics

This pretty much sums up what we are all about.  Our physical office is in Brussels, serving as a base. Our work is mainly on site in the different countries and locations.  We are blessed with friends and partners all over the world, some of which you can meet below.









 It’s the challenges I have faced that allowed me to grow, deepen, and learn to be the person I am today

I’m grateful for everything because without through gratitude I am able to take what comes to make it into an opportunity to serve.