Calibrate your day; Start gently…

  • Yene Assegid
  • February 11, 2017

Did you know that the way we start our day greatly affects everything we do in life.  So many of us start the day in a rush. For so many reason we transition too quickly from being asleep to opening our eyes.   It might be a phone ringing, a child calling or the alarm ringing…. I say from sleeping to opening our eyes because having our eyes open does not always mean being awake.  It is possible to have our eyes open but not to in an awoken state.  Our minds could still be in a sleep drowsy state for hours sometimes for the whole day, unless we take the time to give our body and our mind the time to wake up fully.

Starting the day with time enough to sit in silence is important.  Whether we call that time for meditation, time for prayer or time to just be quiet, the morning time we allow ourselves can grow to be the greatest gift we give ourselves.  Before our phones start ringing, before our emails start sounding our smart phone, before our partner or spouse or children call on us, we have the opportunity to take 10, 20, 45 minutes or however much to just be quiet.  It is a time to be quiet, to be grateful, to pray, to send gratitude, to allow our heart, our mind, and our body to ready themselves for the day. It is a time to make affirmations for the day or even for life. It is a time to consciously welcome this new dawn and along with it recognize that there are infinite possibilities.  It is a time to draw strength and courage, to ask for guidance and wisdom.  It is a time to actively choose to show up in our greatest possible self, receiving all that comes our way with open arms.