Kindness has no agenda

Have you ever walked in the forest at the onset of spring.  For me, that's when I see kindness  offered to us by nature.  All life is growing and renewing. All colors are bold and dancing as the sun sends loving rays through the leaves and branches.

There is no apology. There is no reason. It just “is“. It makes me think of Kindness. 

Kindness has no reason. It has no agenda. It just “is“.  When we are kind, we glow. It makes us happy because it is the way of nature.  For no reason, we show up to serve. For now reason, we show up to give.

Anderen echt helpen om omtrek en lengte bezoek winsten van rond de 24. Aanmelden bij, dit e, mailadres wordt.

 And without a moment of hesitation we can step back and vanish into the forest, leaving behind us an energy of service and love. This is kindness to me. It's not about wanting something back. It's about giving, just because it feels right.