Sourcing Whole Team Action is a 4 Day Intensive Team Building Training. It is designed for  mid-level and top management working under pressure and difficult conditions. The objective of the training is to spread leadership to each team member, encourage responsibility for action, create an enabling environment for creativity and innovation.

By the end of the training, a sense of deep bonding emerges.  Alignment takes place among members of the team and a language of transformation and action comes through.

This is one of our flagship trainings. Pricing is subject to change in line with location and number of participants. Best is to contact us for an offer.

Sourcing Whole Team Action is often delivered on a corporate level. If you are interested in having it for your team, please get in touch.

Depending on the location and the number of participants cost will vary. Best is to get in touch with us to have an initial conversation.

Yes, you will get a certificate of attendance.

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