Sourcing Whole Team Action

Sourcing Whole Team Action is a 4 Day Intensive Team Building Training. It is designed for  mid-level and top management working under pressure and difficult conditions. The objective of the training is to spread leadership to each team member, encourage responsibility for action, create an enabling environment for creativity and innovation.

The other more subtle aim of this training is to lead team in understanding what it takes to be a “high performance team”? What really makes the difference from being a mere working group to being a real team? What would it take to be an amazing team? How does one find way to work with possible negative or unproductive team members? How about conflict? We address all these issues with games, roles plays and discussions.

By the end of the training, a sense of deep bonding emerges.  Alignment takes place among members of the team and a language of transformation and action comes through.


This is one of our flagship trainings. Pricing is subject to change in line with location and number of participants. Please get in touch so we can see how to best serve you.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication is  the foundation of leadership. In fact it is the foundation of pretty much everything. So, how does one communicate effectively? What does it take to be heard and understood? What can one do as a manager to communicate in a way that is inspiring and motivating?

As leaders, those who understand and embody effective communication fare much better than leaders who don't.

This training unveils the nuts and bolts of communication. We will explore all aspects including how emotional intelligence impacts on our abilities to relate and communicate with others.

By the end of the training, participants walk away with a new perspective on communication. They learn how to navigate between perspectives of all parties in order to best language their message. Another important point of learning is understanding the “un-said” and responding in a way that is positive, constructive and solution oriented.

Effective Communicating  is also one of our flagship trainings. Pricing is subject to change in line with location and number of participants. Best is to contact us for an offer.

Presentations and Public Speaking

Presentation and Public Speaking is part of Communication and it's also an art on its very own. Did you know that about 75% of people are afraid of public speaking and suffer from speech anxiety as compared to 68% who are afraid of death?


What we do is not only take the fear out; but focus on make you comfortable on stage or being on the spot light. Once you are comfortable, the anxiety decreases. This will allow you to work with the adrenaline everyone feels, to your advantage.

By the end of the training, you will be able to present and or deliver your speech with poise, confidence and even have fun in the process. We usually work in small groups for this particular training in order to give full attention for all participants.

Transformational Leadership

Being a Transformational Leader starts with being transformed personally first. It takes understanding the process of transformation in order to support others in also experience it. This module is to support team leaders and managers understand how to motivate, guide and engage their teams in order to systematically and sustainable deliver results “together”.

Sometimes the leader has to be at the front showing the way; at times the leader might have to be at the back or in the middle trusting the team to lead the way; at times the leader moves around … it all depends on the situation.  The Transformational Leader is not stuck to a position or a way of being, she is able to change, shift and move as needed in order to deliver.

By the end of the training, you will understand the range of possible leadership style and be able to apply which ever is appropriate for the situation at hand. Being a transformational leader is about leading with the heart with the support from the intellect. It takes courage and faith in one's own intuition.  In this training, we learn to let go our default thinking in order to make space for innovative, bold and creative ways of leading.

Leading Multi-Cultural Teams

Nowadays, if you are in a management position, there is more chance than not that you are dealing with a culturally diverse team. This can work to the advantage of the greater or not. The difference will be in the way that you lead. Do you know how to work with multi-cultural team and make it work for the best?  How about language, cultural barriers, misconceptions, and potential differences in perspectives…?

In this module we focus on seeing things differently. We test out various lenses to experience different perspective.

The module covers the meaning of culture and how it translates in the workplace; how it might or might not affect team work; how to work with language (in all aspects) to create better understanding and how to overcome the myriad of barriers that might get in the way of building a high performance team.

By the end of the training, as a manager and team leader you will walk away open to different perspectives; aware of possible biases and ready to engage your team in a way that will nurture, encourage and support each and every member.


Sourcing Whole Team Action is often delivered on a corporate level. If you are interested in having it for your team, please get in touch.

Depending on the location and the number of participants cost will vary. Best is to get in touch with us to have an initial conversation.

Yes, you will get a certificate of attendance.


When I was asked to join this training, I was reluctant because I simply have no time. Coming to the training was a gift. Yene was able to unpack complex matters in a way that allowed easy understanding. I go back to work feeling refreshed and most of all able to manage my time better.

The workshop was very pleasant. We did not even feel we were working until we saw the end result. Yene has the ability to make things simple, to create a stress-free environment and to add fun. We worked without even knowing we were working. It was great.

The best way to describe how I feel now is feeling awakened. The training has been an eye-opener. I look forward to more.

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