Setting Intentions versus Making Resolutions

Right about every new year, most of us make resolutions for the year to come. Most of us declare these resolutions with a lot of conviction.  It’s unbelievable that less than 10% of those who make resolutions keep them. So, what happened to the other 90%?

Well, some set the bar too high, others get thrown off by set-backs they encounter along the way or others might just not have the means to keep their motivations going.

I was part of the 90% for most of my life. Resolution were fun to make but neither fun nor easy to keep.

A few years ago, my perspective shifted about resolutions. Instead of making resolutions, I set intentions. This felt more gentle, kinder on my soul and right in my heart.

Setting intentions is a heart move not a brain move. It’s allowing ourselves to tune our actions and plans to be in coherence with our heart. So, the question becomes not what will I achieve this year or this month? But rather, how do I intend to make this year or this month meaningful for me? What makes sense and what would bring joy?

It’s interesting to note that through setting intention, letting go becomes easier. Relationships or activities that we are involved in and are not bringing joy, stick out very clearly. And somehow, letting go with love comes naturally.  When we let go what is no longer bringing us joy, we automatically make space for something new to come in to our lives. When we set our intentions to only want positive and high energy vibration interactions, that’s exactly what we end up manifesting. When we set our intentions to live healthier and watch our nutrition, it happens more easily than when we say we will go to the gym x number of times a week and cut out x or y from our nutrition.

Setting intentions is both a powerful and natural way to engage, co-create, co-manifest our dreams in partnership with the Universe.  It’s about bringing up to the altar of our place of prayer the pebbles that represent our intentions and asking for blessings. In a way, that’s really all we can do; surrender ourselves and our dreams to God. This is what setting intentions means. It’s a space of co-creation.

We each have unlimited potential and infinite possibilities. It’s important to understand that before setting intentions. It’s also important to understand whatever intention you set, it is in a way received by the Universe. You can set intentions for the year, for the day even for the hour. The best way to set intentions is to find a quiet moment to reduce the noise in our minds, to be in a reflective mode. In this way, we allow our greater self to open and express our intentions from this greater self. What can we be in service to? How can we make the best of this year, this month or this day? What would make us and others around us happy? How can we best contribute to the good of all? Such questions will guide us in creating generous and powerful intentions.


When you set your intentions for the year or for your life, then it’s easy to know what to open your energy to, and what to let pass.