Yene Assegid PhD, ICF/MCC (she, her)

We're creating a global community for women leaders.

Lead With Heart and Create a Profound Difference

About EveryonesWorld

The world is hungry for good leadership, for leaders who see themselves as servants of the people, rather than those who lead from ego and who are driven by a desire for self-enrichment. We need leaders who will lead on our behalf, to help improve our lives.

The call is becoming louder now for decency, a return to empathy and compassion and to recognise the humanity of our fellow men and women. These are the qualities exemplified in what I call “leading with heart”, a concept we can all practise and one, which, I believe, will make a profound difference in the world.

EveryonesWorld aims to offer women a space to come together as leaders who dare to dream and dare to stretch as they experience community with each other; develop mindfulness; increase awareness of social, economic and environmental responsibility; and learn to lead to impact change in line with the UN Global Goals.

Join like-minded women leaders from around the world — from the curious to those ready to give back and build a legacy — to learn, share, and grow together, so that we can make a profound difference in the world.