Emotions and Presence

How we feel inside is what energetically comes with us no matter where we go or what we do. Although each person is bound to go through ups and downs, it is important to know how to maintain a heart balance for the sake of consistent internal and external presence.

It is not impossible to achieve this balance.  Even if it is not something that can be learned overnight, through practice, we can make it part of our life.  Knowing that nothing is permanent; understanding that all things can change and that we always have a choice are some of the factors that can support us in pacing our hearts and keeping this internal balance.

As we mindfully keep this balance, we also mindfully remain aware of the flow of our emotions.  This awareness is the starting point to choose how we want to proceed, what actions we want to take or not, what direction to move to, whether to move forward or not, etc. Knowing how we feel and being empowered to balance our feelings, allows us to grow as reliable, consistence and balanced leaders