Coaching Certification Program

Interested in professional coaching or already practicing?

Two courses to help you learn and apply transformational tools as well as draw on spiritual and feminist foundations:

Heart Centered Leadership Coaching

Fully accredited by ICF - 51 CCE Credit Hours

Transformational Leadership Coaching

“TLC” is pending accreditation

Crisis is not the end; it’s a chance to start fresh and reboot

COURSE 1: HEART Centered Leadership Coaching Certification

Heart Centered Leadership Coaching Certification is a unique course. It is designed from heart. The course aims to support you explore your own life purpose as it relates to coaching others in reaching their best.

Whether you want to join for your own learning and your own transformation or whether you want to join to learn coaching tools – I guarantee you that you will leave a transformed person.

The course is about learning to partner with the Holy Spirit to address the challenges we face in life; to engage the opportunities we encounter with Faith and courage and take part in creating the life we want.

The course is based on my book entitled: ”SHINE: Re-scripting your life in partnership with the Universe” (Amazon Link; Payhip Link) published in 2016. It offers new perspectives in addressing breakdowns and leveraging these breakdowns to deepen Faith and create amazing breakthroughs.

As coaches, we are channels for deep human transformation and for service. The content of this course is to help us open-up to the Universe, to help us rely on divine guidance as we work to support others achieve their dreams.

Heart Centered Leadership Coaching Certification is a fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 51 Credit Hours in Continued Coaching Education (CCE) Units.

Dates for 2020

  • Beijing, China – TBA
  • Shanghai, China – TBA
  • Los Angeles, US – TBA
  • Washington, DC – TBA
  • Brussels, Belgium – TBA
  • Bangkok, Thailand – TBA

Exact Dates and Venue will be announced by December, 2019

  • “TLC” – Transformational Leadership Coaching is a 24 Hours Course. Available both online and face to face. It is designed to deepen leadership competences through coaching. 
  • This course is a great learning opportunity for practicing coaches to see how they can craft their coaching ways to support transformational leadership. It is also highly recommended for team leaders and executives to learn how to leverage coaching competencies to enrich their leadership skills.

  • Face to face the course is delivered in 4 consecutive days seminar; online, it is delivered in 4 online sessions of 3 hours each combined with 12 hours independent study. There is mandatory assignment in between sessions for the online course. The face to face course will have equivalent evening homework. Successful completion of the course is subject to participation and submission of all assignments and self development projects. 

Dates and locations for 2020 will be posted soon.



All courses are different. Both HCL and TLC are designed to be interactive, with hands-on learning and delivered in small groups. This is to deepen learning and allow participants to fully engage in the topic in a safe environment. So that by the time the course is complete, participants can confidently go out to practice and apply what they have gained.

Both CPU and TLC are for practicing Coaches; for individuals who are interested in the Coaching Profession and also for managers and executives interested in learning the soft skills & coaching to enrich their leadership.

Accredited means that the content of the course has been reviewed and approved by a higher education learning body. In our case, CPU is already accredited by the ICF and TLC is pending accreditation.

There is no financial aid per se but if you are really interested to join and cannot join due to financial constraints, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

The tuition fee includes the material that we use and the notes you will receive. You may have to purchase additional reference books.