Coaching Solutions


It’s to get your from your current point A to your desired point B.

On the average, my coaching programs will vary between 9 to 12 months, working together every 2-3 weeks.

My role is to ask you the most powerful and insightful questions so that you are able to clear your thinking and find the direction you are looking for. I just hold space for you to think and reflect. Of course the quality of our work is subject to the trust and safe container our relationship allows us to build. From there, anything is possible. This is what coaching is.
An idea you have, a decision you make, or a challenge you face…coaching will get you to the finish line faster than you ever thought.
Step 01
Setting Up Coaching

After the introduction call, we will spend 1-2 sessions establishing your goals and objectives. We might run some psychometrics depending on the purpose of the Coaching. Our aim by the end of this phase is to have a clear idea of the coaching path and deliverables.

Step 02
Coaching Sessions

In this phase we will be having bi-monthly or monthly Coaching Sessions. Each Session will be between 60-90 minutes depending on the work we have to do and time available. We might remain between 9-12 months in this phase. Our work will be defined by the objectives we have set in Step 1.

Step 03
Review and Reflection

The last couple of sessions will be dedicated to reviewing and reflecting on the entire Coaching process. This is a time for your to reflect on what you have achieved and how the transformation is emerging in your life. What is serving you? What needs to be still addressed? How will you continue learning and creating your desired reality?

Reflection | Reflection | Reflection

Step 04
Way Forward

This is a complimentary session I offer everyone I work with. If we have the chance to meet in person, we will. If not, we will take time online to design your way forward. Together we will map your support group. Identify how you will keep yourself accountable and discuss your strategy to sustain the change achieved.

Questions and Answers

Call me and we will set up a minutes complimentary call to meet and exchange. If you are in Brussels, we can also set up a face to face meeting. We will both know if we can work together or not once we have this first conversation.
Unfortunately that is not possible. My rates are carefully calculated to cover cost and still be affordable. On rare occasions, I just take on clients free of charge.
All coaching is on the phone or Skype, unless you can come to my office.
No problem, we have a contract so we will proceed for termination of contract according to our agreement.


Thank you so much for the coaching session, I feel energized. I have clarity about the way forward.

I am learning so much through the coaching. It’s enriching me not just at work but also in my own private life.

Coaching with Yene has been a powerful experience that has allowed me to grow, to learn and to transform my perspectives.