Zuzana Kasanova

Zuzana Kasanova is a post-doctoral researcher in the department of neurosciences of the Leuven University in Belgium. Over the past ten years of her scientific career she has developed an expertise in the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms of human motivation and resilience to adversity. She is currently leading a research line focused on better understanding of the triggers of mental health problems and advancement of interventions aimed at improving motivation, resilience and wellbeing in the daily life.

At the Leuven University as well as the Masaryk University in Czechia she teaches undergraduate and graduate health and psychology courses about learning, motivation, and personalized therapeutic methods.

She is also certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and works as a career and life coach.

Zuzana’s research and coaching practice converge on evidence-based strategies for gaining insight into one’s behavioral and emotional patterns, thus empowering people to forge deeper connections with their selves, path and environment.