Faith against all odds

Many years ago, I believed that professional or life achievement would be defined by who we know and who knows us.

And then life happened. One disappointment after another; one letdown after another. It brought me to a deep reflection that I can only rely on God and my relationship with Him.

I learned no matter who you know, who you think knows you – it is meaningless. It is something that has no abundance. It is anchored in a dimension of scarcity, something that keeps us in a position of deference.

The ultimate connection is to God.  Only God knows what will happen in the next moment. Only God knows the dreams we have in our hearts and the worries that burden our nights. Only God knows what our mission in life is.  Only God is the defining connection. I have experienced such stress relief with this realization. I can pray and present my dreams, my worries, my thoughts to God without fear. I know He listens. I know He answers in a way that no one else can ever answer. He is the Almighty, a God of Abundance.

Learning through challenges and trials

My job is not to create for me, but to use my gift in the service of God. The challenge with God is that He grooms us and prepares us for life. Sometimes He teaches us through challenges and trials; sometimes, He sends us insights that change us forever. No matter what means He uses, we only start appreciating the learning once we complete the learning.

Each and every one of us is gifted with unique capacities, skills and dreams.  There is no duplication. We each have our own path and journey to travel.  What we need to do is let go of our obstinate egos and surrender to serve our greater gifts. Just surrender.  Try it. I guarantee you that you will feel the kind of quiet and serenity that comes from deep within. A sense of assurance that nothing can shake. This is what opens the path for our unique creativity in our very own voice. It’s magic.

Working with Faith

I still work hard as I used to. I still dream and work towards these dreams with discipline, commitment and persistence as I used to. But one thing is totally different.

What is different is that once I finish my work; I let go knowing that my work is done.  I will not try to control, trigger or induce results. I let go. I simply let it go. What happens then is that when results come, they come in a very sustainable and robust way because there is no attachment. If results don’t come, that’s also fine; it wasn’t meant to be, or it wasn’t time yet.

Working with “Faith” makes us bold. It makes us courageous. We become stronger and kinder. We can leap to our dreams despite the doubt or fear that attempts to hold us down. Despite all challenges and odds that confront us; with “Faith” we shall always overcome!

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