Monrovia Football Academy

I met Will Smith, co-founder and Executive Director of Monrovia Football Academy (MFA) at the Oxford Africa Conference in May 2017. 

The work MFA did is so incredibly inspiring to me. The question for me was: how can I serve MFA? What could I offer? Right then and there, the idea emerged to create further opportunities to support the staff and teachers through Transformational Leadership Training so that they could in turn cascade that to the MFA students.

In November 2017, we had our first TLC Sessions. We intend to have the second session around the same time in 2018. Meeting George Manubah – co-Founder and Director of Football and meeting the entire team such as the Football Coaches, the Teachers and the Students and all those who take care of the team was an amazing experience. It was so heartwarming to see girls on the football field kicking around the ball equally with boys; to witness women coaches coaching players just the same as their male counterparts. MFA is truly an expression of vision and faith in the vision.

It makes me happy that MFA and everyONEsworld have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue collaborating on Transformational Leadership Development. As such, in the near future we hope that MFA will be everyONEsworld partner to roll-out the True Leaders Time Travel Program in Liberia in late 2019. More on this as the program unfolds.