Butterflies Academy For Leadership

Butterflies Academy For Leadership is an upcoming Africa wide Transformational Leadership Program aiming to support young girls age 16 t0 21 develop their leadership skills and engage life as co-creators.

Our ambition is to reach 100,000 girls in 10 years. We intend to start in 2021 with a pilot program in 4 countries: Ethiopia, Nigeria and Cameroon, andSierra Leone.

The program will be implemented in collaboration with in country civil society partners, private sectors, and respective Ministry of Education. 

The program is designed in four phases:

Phase I: 2021 to 2023 will be in 4 Countries (18 Months Pilot + 6 Months impact analysis)

Phase II: 2024 to 2026 will be in 5 more Countries (3 Years Program)

Phase III: 2027 to 2029 – add 5 more Countries (3 Years Program)