What people say?

I am learning so much through the coaching. It’s enriching me not just at work but also in my own private life.

Thank you so much for the coaching session, I feel energized. I have clarity about the way forward.
We started the coaching for leadership development, and I ended up with an entire life re-boot. Thank you.
Life Re-boot
Coaching with Yene has been a powerful experience that has allowed me to grow, to learn and to transform my perspectives.
The workshop was very pleasant. We did not even feel we were working until we saw the end result. Yene has the ability to make things simple, to create a stress-free environment and to add fun. We worked without even knowing we were working. It was great.
When I was asked to join this training, I was reluctant because I simply have no time. Coming to the training was a gift. Yene was able to unpack complex matters in a way that allowed easy understanding. I go back to work feeling refreshed and most of all able to manage my time better.
Yene transformed our workplace in just 4 days. Thank you.
My most important learning is realising that we all have different perspectives. And this changed my entire outlook for life.
Learned so much.