The Power of Awareness

Have you ever been in a situation where you were fully conscious of how you felt. You could hear your heart beat. You could feel the breeze on your skin. You felt the gentle warmth of the sun on your back. And for a moment, there was a sense of gratefulness for what was so in this moment. Maybe you came to be in this state of consciousness through meditation, or it just happened because all things aligned within you and outside you.

Can you imagine how life could if you could sustain this sense of relating to yourself and to that which was around you. Life would certainly be more colorful. It would have more texture. Flavors would be bold. Emotions would certainly be richer. Decision would be more powerful. Reflection would be deeper. In short, each moment with a sense of such consciousness would be nothing short of eternity, allowing us to soak in what is so at the moment while at the same time leveraging this feeling to carry out our lives with greater authenticity.

This is the Power of Awareness. Living with mindfulness gives us the benefit of better understanding both the subtle and the more obvious in our lives. It allows us to know ourselves and all that which affects in positive, negative or neutral ways. Knowing what goes on inside of us, makes our action and non-action be sourced in clarity and authenticity. This is the time we choose words carefully. We language our message out to others and in to ourselves in ways that are constructive full of positive intention. It’s powerful.

But don’t be fooled, Awareness, doesn’t only mean positive outcome. Awareness is neutral. The choice to aim for a positive or negative outcome is ours to make. Someone with negative intentions and established Awareness can very well, use what he or she is conscious of to the detriment of others. It is awareness with well meaning intentions that can generate good around us.

Awareness of our own inner strength, weaknesses, fears and insecurities, dreams and aspirations allows us to better tune our lives to leverage our strength and work on our weaknesses. It is the process of recognizing ourselves as a unique Being, and nurturing our unique gifts that will allow us to show up to the World in all that we are. Showing up authentically is powerful–simply because it is genuine. From this place of authenticity, we can leverage our capacity to live mindfully to navigate through the opportunities and the challenges that come our way. We have the possibility to choose our path in ways that work for us. We can look to others and find inspiration and also know that we need not emulate to be as others are. We give space for our own true-self to emerge. This true-self is powerful, because it is effortless. This true-self is sustainable, because it is that which we are down to our DNA. This true-self allows great socialization with others, simply because that light that shines through will create the energetic field to welcome others into our sphere of existence. It’s just such a beautiful state to be in.

Beautiful doesn’t always mean positive and without problems. Even in our darkest days, Awareness of our inner state allows us to understand what, how and why we feel the way we feel and what we can and cannot do about it. I still find this beautiful, because it is part of the journey of our lives.

Take a moment to be quiet.
Take a deep breath a few times and just let yourself go.
Close your eyes and know that all things are perfect they way they are.
You are unique and beautiful
Powerful to define the path ahead.
What will it be today? Do you choose to enjoy the moment or would you prefer otherwise?
The choice is yours
But what ever you choose, do it with mindfulness.
Do it 100%
Fully aware of your divine self
Fully aware of your power to manifest
Fully aware that you are part of the greater whole