Value and Purpose Make-up the Compass for our Life Journey

Values and Purpose go hand in hand, one influencing the other. Our values are the life principles that we choose to live by.  These same values are then the factors that define the vision we  set, be it for ourselves, our families or our organizations.  The vision gives us the direction, it brings out the purpose for which we wake up each day. This is what can bring a spring to our step. This is what can energize us when progress is slow or when we enter phases of challenge.

Having a purpose is without a doubt a cornerstone for life.  An existence without a purpose, unfortunately, becomes one that passively subjects itself to reality.  It is hard to be interactive and participate in what makes life without a purpose, without a direction.Being aware and recognizing our values offers us the opportunity to understand how we think and how we work and with whom we can work and think.  Values determine the means in reaching  the end result.

For example, two individuals with a comparable goal of financial success would have a different approach to achieving that goal if one has honesty as one of the values s/he holds and the other individual doesn’t.  To say which individual is right and which is wrong would be passing judgement subjective to one’s worldview.  Both of these individuals believe they are each right because they both work and live to the best of their ability and according to their level of consciousness.

Bringing up the level of consciousness, my question then is what is it that can be done to continuously evolve and expand our own consciousness and contribute to that of those around us? What is then the role of the leaders we have in terms of how they set their own values and purpose as well as influence that of the communities, companies or nations they lead?

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